Augmented Reality DSM 🔒
Design System for an augmented reality glass – streamlining tasks, removing redundancies in the process, encouraging communication and collaboration.

OTT Analytics Platform 🔒
Reveal meaningful connections between what users are actually interested in, so that over-the-top (OTT) media watching is time well spent.

Automotive Cyber Security ( CSMS ) 🔒
Cyber security management system to provide comprehensive and proven solution suites to protect connected cars and commercial vehicles against cyber attacks.

Vizor v2.0 🛠
Partnered with Oculus, a web-based 3D editing and prototyping tool with visual scripting to create and share React VR experiences on the web and social media.

Speech Therapy Application 🛠
Voice led artificial intelligence application for speech pathologists to diagnose speech problems when a child uses their voice as the primary means of interacting.

Container Leasing Management 🛠
Enterprise application framework for container shipping companies to put their assets to proper use and to be able to execute the business in cost effective manner.

Perspective API
Experimental project to create Free API that uses machine learning to identify toxic comments, making it easier to host better conversations online.

Kitchen Sink
Involved on creating the Design System Management where users can find every single Foundation-v5 components. Yeti was not fully groomed and a bit heavier by then.

Tool to create timeline for all project as it progresses with only the most important information in a linear and easy-to-follow flow features with improved experience.

Sony Music App
Android only application from Sony which is only compatible with Sony Xperia devices ( inbuilt app ).

KitKat 4.4
Android follows a confectionery-themed codename operating system. Nestle came up with an offer where you could win a Nexus device.

Free public chat room for open source projects as private communication channels for teams and businesses.

A subscription based app for premium short-form video content. First in Hollywood to reward artists in realtime based on how often episodes are viewed.

Fully open and guided hiring platform with smart matching algorithms that brings out recruiters superpower.

Created a minimal design site of the holding company for a video streaming app that offers premium shows produced primarily for mobile.

Mobile app to present the ‘personality’ of stocks, currencies, commodities and bonds in a way that we all can understand.

Product site user experience and checkout flow for Composure Charger Dock for Apple Watch.

Dashboard for stakeholders and investors to help them make informed decisions that drive results.

Web application design and experience map for the social app that matches users based on their shared passions.

Axiom Telecom
Online retail store and application for one of the largest telecom retailer and distributor for Blackberry products across the Middle East.

Brand online store which was Adopted by alternative fashion stores in London, San Francisco and Melbourne. Now widely accepted in over 25 countries.

Echoing Green Annual Report
Long annual report to documenting its activities and reveal the impact ‘Echoing Green’ made in 2014.

Happy Play Time
A series of sex education games and tools whose aim is to eliminate the stigma around female masturbation.

Circles Conference
Learn from world-changing thinkers and innovators in both the non-profit and creative community.

You To The Future
Interactive marketing campaign for UK based ‘Phones4u’.The transport-to-the-future angle ties in perfectly with their #FutureYou campaign where users are prompted to “choose your future phone”. 

A new Augmented Reality app to seamlessly blend digital life with the physical world into a unified visual experience.

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